Relaxometric, structural, and dynamic NMR studies of DOTA-like Ln(III) complexes (Ln = La, Gd, Ho, Yb) containing a p-nitrophenyl substituent

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From: Inorganic Chemistry(Vol. 35, Issue 10)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Article
Length: 64 words

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The structural, relaxometric and dynamic characteristics of aqueous solution of 1-((p-nitrophenyl)carboxymethyl)-4,7,10-tris(carboxymethyl)-1,4,7,10- tetraazacyclododecane (3) and its DOTA-like La(III), Gd(III), Ho(III), Yb(III) complexes are analyzed by high- and low-resolution NMR technique. The reduction of steric interaction between macrocyclic protons and aromatic group regulates the structural dynamic characteristics. Two isomers are observed in the aqueous solution. The experimental procedure for preparing 3 and Ln complexes is discussed.

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