Mission statements--a study of intent and influence

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Author: Harsh V. Verma
Date: Oct. 2009
From: Journal of Services Research(Vol. 9, Issue 2)
Publisher: Institute for International Management and Technology
Document Type: Article
Length: 6,309 words

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Businesses like ships have destination, crew members and course. Getting the behaviors of diverse people coalesce around a central theme is a major challenge for the top management. In this context vision and mission statements have emerged as strategic tools. The values espoused in the mission and vision can act a powerful pull for people who identify with them and emotionally charge them to perform passionately. The value congruence between what an organization stands for and of its members can transform the jobs into a mission with a higher order meaning. This study aimed to discover the values that are espoused by the management of companies operating in India and what is the perceived reality at the receivers' side. Mission statements are no longer used as decorative devices rather the espoused values are enacted by managers in their behavior and policies. Further respondents feel that mission do have an influence on their thinking and behavior.

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