Atypical celiac disease: could you be missing this common problem?

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Date: Mar. 2010
From: Consultant
Publisher: HMP Communications, LLC
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For every recognized case of celiac disease, 8 more remain undiagnosed. The reason for this disparity is contingent on the varying presentations of the disease. What was once considered solely a GI disorder, uniformly presenting with diarrhea and malabsorption, has evolved into a multisystem autoimmune disorder with myriad symptoms and signs. In addition, celiac disease is no longer a disorder limited to childhood and adolescence; it has even been diagnosed for the first time in elderly patients. Atypical celiac disease can be found in patients who present primarily with hypothyroidism, liver enzyme elevations, Addison disease, type 1 diabetes mellitus, and other disorders with major pathology outside the GI tract. Studies have demonstrated that an active case-finding strategy in primary care practice can increase the diagnostic yield for celiac disease. Key words: celiac disease, tissue transglutaminase, gluten

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