Repurchase behaviour and positive word of mouth. Role of hedonic shopping motives.

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Date: Apr. 23, 2021
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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In view of changing consumer behaviour towards organised retail, the present study focused on department stores of Delhi and neighbouring cities, as the shoppers in these cities are highly motivated by hedonic shopping dimensions. The study tries to identify the influence of five different variables of hedonic motives on repurchase behaviour and positive word of mouth. Focusing on 536 customer responses collected with the help of a structured questionnaire, the proposed research framework were analysed and validated through confirmatory factor analysis and structural equation modelling (SEM) analysis. The result supports the previous research findings and displayed a significant positive relationship of adventure, gratification and role shopping with repurchase behaviour and positive word of mouth, while the social and idea shopping shows a diverse results. Therefore, the research paper would help organised retailers to focus on these hedonic motives effectively and efficiently for gaining added advantage in this competitive current retail scenario. Byline: Sunil Atulkar, Ashish Kumar Singh

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