Melilotus officinalis/rutoside: lymphocytic colitis (first report) in an elderly patient: case report

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Date: Jan. 3, 2009
From: Reactions Weekly(Issue 1233)
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer Health, Inc.
Document Type: Case study; Clinical report
Length: 459 words

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An 84-year-old man developed lymphocytic colitis during treatment with Esberiven Fort (Melilotus officinalis and rutoside).

In February 2006, the man was admitted with chronic diarrhoea, which had started a month earlier. His medical history was notable for mitral insufficiency, sleep apnoea, gastric ulcer and an anxiety-depressive disorder for which he received venlafaxine and alprazolam. His concomitant medications also included Esberiven Fort 1 tablet daily [therapeutic indication not stated], which he had started 3-4 months earlier; his diarrhoeal symptoms has started after approximately 2 months' therapy. In 2002, a total colonoscopy was performed after he presented with a motility disorder; the colonoscopy showed uncomplicated diverticulosis of the sigmoid colon, but histological examination of biopsy...

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