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Date: Nov. 2012
From: Regenerative Medicine(Vol. 7, Issue 6s)
Publisher: Future Medicine Ltd.
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Author(s): Emily J Culme-Seymour [*] 1

Innovative company: Intercytex

Intercytex is a cell therapy product and services company re-launched in November 2010, based in the Core Technology Facility in the University of Manchester Innovation Centre. The main focus of the company is developing their lead product ICX-RHY (VAVELTA® ) to treat a variety of skin-related problems, including the severe genetic skin disorder epidermolysis bullosa, as well as for scar contractures. ICX-RHY is a suspension of human dermal fibroblasts in cell storage medium ready for injection into the skin. The company is currently involved in two clinical trials in the UK and the USA; one, a Phase II trial taking place in London using ICX-RHY to treat skin erosions in patients suffering from epidermolysis bullosa, and the other, a single-center Phase I/II study currently being performed in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, looking at the safety and efficacy of ICX-RHY to increase the joint mobility in patients suffering from dermal scar contractures.

Key institution: Loughborough University

Founded in 1996, Loughborough University has rapidly grown into one of the UK's top universities, including world-leading cell therapy manufacturing activities. The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Regenerative Medicine was established at Loughborough in 2010 and is focused on translating ideas into treatments through pinpointing commercially robust practices and processes that can improve product development and manufacturing processes. The center is led by Professor David Williams, who brings his wealth of manufacturing know-how to direct world-class research and lead on a number of high-value projects, as well as linking up to other centers in the UK through a strong collaborative network.

Innovative company: Azellon Cell Therapeutics


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