Effects of 8-Week Complex Balance Training in Young Alpine Skiers: A Pilot Study.

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Objectives. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of an 8-week complex balance training program on dynamic balance in skiers according to the new balance training protocol. Design. Intervention study, comprising 8 weeks of core stability, plyometric, balance, and stretching exercises. Participants. Ten young skiers volunteered to take part in this study (average age, height, and body mass were 16,44 +/- 1,07 years, 172,76+/-8,84 cm, and 67,4 11,44 kg, respectively (mean +/- SD)). Main Outcome Measures. Subjects' dynamic balance performance was assessed and retested after training completion with the use of dynamic balance measurement within the Optojump Next System. Results. The results of 8-week complex balance training showed significant improvements for jump height (H) and flight time (FT) for the left leg and jumping area in both legs. Conclusion. The complex balance training program improved parameters of dynamic stability in young skiers and led to decreased asymmetry between lower extremities.

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