Agro-industrial byproducts in rabbit food: Case of the complex of detoxified apricot kernel cake and dehydrated tomato pulp.

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From: Veterinary World(Vol. 14, Issue 3)
Publisher: Veterinary World
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Background and Aim: The use of agro-industrial byproducts as an unconventional source of raw materials for monogastric feed is one possible solution. This study aimed to determine the effects of incorporating detoxified apricot kernel meal (DAKM) as a substitute for soybean meal and dehydrated tomato pulp (DTP) as a substitute for alfalfa hay on the local rabbit fattening. Materials and Methods: A total of 120 white strain rabbits, weaned at 33 days, were randomly assigned to four groups of 30. The rabbits in each group were ringed, placed in cages at 6 rabbits/cage, and fed according to DAKM and DTP incorporation rates (0%, 30%, 40%, and 60%). Results: The weights at 77 days were improved (p Conclusion: Substituting DAKM and DTP, as byproducts of agro-industrial processing, for up to 60% induced satisfactory results in rabbit fattening. Therefore, it would be more insightful to increase the incorporation rates to determine the optimal threshold. Keywords: agro-industrial byproducts, apricot kernel cake, rabbit fattening, tomato pulp, zootechnical performances.

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