Meshless radial basis function method for transient electromagnetic computations

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Authors: S.J. Lai, B.Z. Wang and Y. Duan
Date: Oct. 2008
From: IEEE Transactions on Magnetics(Vol. 44, Issue 10)
Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Inc.
Document Type: Author abstract; Technical report
Length: 143 words

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We propose a novel numerical method to simulate transient electromagnetic problems. The time derivatives are still tackled with the customary explicit leapfrog time scheme. But in the space domain, the fields at the collocation points are expanded into a series of radial basis functions and are treated with a meshless method procedure. Our method solves numerically Maxwell's equations with various assigned boundary conditions and current source excitation. Furthermore, the numerical stability condition of our method is obtained through a one-dimensional (l-D) wave equation and thus the relationship between control parameters is accounted for. To verify the accuracy and effectiveness of the new formulation, we compare the results of the proposed method with those of the conventional finite-difference time-domain method through a 1-D case study with different boundary conditions. Index Terms--Least square method (LSM), meshless method (MLM), radial basis function (RBF), shape function, time-domain.

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