META-RELQUAL in business relationships: a sales perspective.

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The objective is to use insights gained from studies that have tested and retested META-RELQUAL based on a buyer-business relationships to establish whether META-RELQUAL is valid and reliable within a business sales' context. A survey based on a cross-industrial sample of salespeople in Norwegian companies yielded a valid response rate of 40.7%. The results from this study indicate that META-RELQUAL is also valid under Norwegian salespeople within business relationships. The construct of META-RELQUAL tested in this study enables the corporate verification of both the buyer and sales perspectives in ongoing business relationships. Suggestions for further research are provided. This study contributes by successfully testing META-RELQUAL within a sales context as opposed to multiple previous studies focusing on a buyer perspective. Byline: Nils M. Høgevold, Göran Svensson, Pierre Mostert, Mariëtte Zietsman

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