Understanding Environmental Awareness Through Green Marketing: An Empirical Study Using Q-Methodology.

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From: Iranian Journal of Management Studies(Vol. 14, Issue 3)
Publisher: University of Tehran, Farabi College
Document Type: Report
Length: 8,536 words
Lexile Measure: 1470L

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The purpose of this study was understanding environmental awareness about factors of green marketing and creating an indicator those factors. In this study, based on research concourse, theoretical foundations, and mental patterns of experts, the factors affecting green marketing have been selected, grouped, and interpreted based on Q-method steps. The 19 participants present in the study sample were asked to sort and value the factors influencing green marketing in Q sorting layout. Based on this evaluation, six specific functional indicators have been revealed. The changes in the experts' mental patterns seem to be partly driven by the environmental orientations and the founders of the firms. This study contributes to the existing knowledge base by confirming the current literature on green marketing. Moreover, given the central importance and effect of the indices, the six indices have more importance and significance in green marketing. Their recognition can be used reflexively to predict and manage potential challenges and conflicts in this arena. Keywords: Environmental awareness, Green marketing, Indexing; Mental patterns; Q-method.

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