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Author: Victor Li
Date: Sept. 2015
From: ABA Journal(Vol. 101, Issue 9)
Publisher: American Bar Association
Document Type: Interview
Length: 506 words
Lexile Measure: 1090L

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A lot of public sector lawyers talk a good game when it comes to promoting transparency and open government.

For V. David Zvenyach, former general counsel for the Council of the District of Columbia, it's been his calling card.

Zvenyach, 33, served as the council's GC from April 2011 until March. Midway through his tenure, he learned legal hackers in D.C. were upset that there wasn't a free, accessible electronic version of the District of Columbia Code. The legal hackers hoped to use a digital copy to create websites and apps that would allow users to have a better understanding of local laws.

Copyright was behind the reason no electronic version was available. The official code was published initially by Westlaw and subsequently by LexisNexis, and...

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