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Date: Oct. 2013
From: Financial Executive(Vol. 29, Issue 8)
Publisher: Financial Executives International
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New England School of Acupuncture (NESA) is a single-purpose graduate college that confers master's degrees in acupuncture and oriental medicine.

Established: Founded in 1975, NESA is the oldest acupuncture college in the United States.

Headquarters: Newton, Mass.

Recent Revenue: $5 million

Company Status: Non-profit institution of higher education.

Number of employees: 140; of that number, 20 are full-time. Many, including adjunct faculty, are part-time.


How did the organization get started?

Acupuncture in the United States got its recognition in the early 1970s, even though it and oriental medicine had been practiced since the first Asian immigrants arrived. In 1971, James Reston, a New York Times reporter, was in China in anticipation of visits there by Henry Kissinger and then-President Richard Nixon. A surprising and painful appendicitis attack sent Reston to a hospital where he had surgery--and acupuncture.

Reston was so fascinated...

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