Synthesis and electrochemistry of Tin(IV) octaethylcorroles, (OEC)SN(C(sub6)H(sub5)) and (OEC)SNC1

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From: Inorganic Chemistry(Vol. 37, Issue 18)
Publisher: American Chemical Society
Document Type: Article
Length: 52 words

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The synthesis and electrochemical examination of two Sn(IV) corroles, represented as (OEC)Sn(C(sub6)H(sub5)) and (OEC)SnC1, was undertaken. Three reversible one-electron oxidations were observed, each occurring at the conjugated macrocycle. Two electrons are involved in the reduction of (OEC)SnC1, and (OEC)-Sn(C(sub6)H(sub5)) is reversibly reduced by a single electron giving an Sn(IV) corrole varPi-anion radical.

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