The Dawn of the Drone: From the Back-Room Boys of World War One.

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Author: Steven D. Ellis
Date: Winter 2020
From: Air Power History(Vol. 67, Issue 4)
Publisher: Air Force Historical Foundation
Document Type: Article
Length: 520 words
Lexile Measure: 1250L

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The Dawn of the Drone: From the Back-Room Boys of World War One. By Steve Mills. Philadelphia PA: Casemate, 2019. Maps. Diagrams. Illustrations. Photographs. Notes. Appendices. Bibliography. Index. Pp vi, 297. $34.95. ISBN: 978-1-61200-789-2.

Steve Mills, a former aerospace engineer involved with the Brooklands (UK) Museum since his retirement, has coupled his passion for technology with an exhaustive examination of weapons innovation before and during World War I. Along the way, he introduces the reader to long-forgotten personalities who helped develop the aerial torpedo (AT), the world's first successful unmanned aerial vehicle.

One of the motivators for his exhaustive research was the discovery of numerous artifacts, along with supporting documents, stored in London's Imperial War Museum (IWM). In the 1950s, the IWM temporarily displayed the devices that made the first...

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