Rolling out COVID-19 vaccine: Half the battle won.

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From: Journal of Pakistan Medical Association(Vol. 71, Issue 7)
Publisher: Knowledge Bylanes
Document Type: Report
Length: 758 words
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Byline: Alishba Adnan, Chanchal Maheshwari and Syed Muhammad Ashraf Jahangeer

Madam, in terms of bringing life to still and causing a havoc in the World's economy COVID19 is an unprecedented pandemic in known human history. According to the World Bank forecast COVID19 economic consequences have been estimated as the deepest recession since the Second World War. 1,2 To date COVID19 has claimed 1.4 million lives, leaving millions in varying levels of morbidity and emerges as a bigger problem in the high income than in the low middle income countries. 3 The only hope to put a stop to this monster and go back to the normal is the man's old friend, the vaccines. 4 Extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures and we have seen that the development of vaccines which was usually thought as a years of business is being prepared and ready to be rolled out under ten months of concentric efforts. 5 It is a really commendable effort of those who put everything into COVID19 vaccine development but there are still concerns about its safety and efficacy and conspiracy theories. 6-8 A certain percentage of adverse effects are...

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