Superficial heat administration and foam rolling increase hamstring flexibility acutely; with amplifying effects.

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From: Physical Therapy in Sport(Vol. 40)
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
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Keywords Hip-flexion; Massage; Moist-heat; Self-myofascial release Highlights * Range of motion and perceived efficacy were assessed following four conditions. * Superficial heat, foam rolling, and heat + rolling improvements were superior to the control. * The heat + rolling had the largest effect and was perceived to be most effective. * Moderate correlations between actual and perceived effectiveness were found. * Treatments should be prescribed on an individual basis where possible. Abstract Objectives To compare the objective and subjective efficacy of three treatments on acute hip-flexion range of motion (ROM). Design Assessor-blind, randomized within-subject cross-over. Setting University athletic training clinic. Participants Twenty-two female collegiate lacrosse and soccer athletes. Main outcome measures The passive straight-leg-raise (PSLR) was used to measure acute hip-flexion ROM pre- and post foam rolling (FR), superficial heating (SH), combination (SH + FR) and control treatments. A seven-point Likert scale statement measured the perceived effectiveness of each treatment. Results Superficial heat (+10.4%, ES = 0.78), FR (+7.26%, ES = 0.52), and SH + FR treatment (+12.9%, ES = 1.26) improved hip ROM when compared to the control (+2.4%, ES = 0.24) (all p Conclusions All treatments significantly improve hamstring flexibility with SH + FR being the most effective. Rehabilitation professionals should practice caution when relying on athlete perception and should prescribe treatments on an individual basis. Author Affiliation: (a) Department of Human Performance and Physical Education, Adams State University, USA (b) Sports Performance Research Institute New Zealand, Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand * Corresponding author. AUT-Millennium, 17 Antares Place, Mairangi Bay, Auckland, New Zealand. Article History: Received 15 August 2019; Revised 6 October 2019; Accepted 6 October 2019 Byline: Dustin J. Oranchuk [] (a,b,*), Matthew R. Flattery (a), Tracey L. Robinson (a)

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