A Wideband Rectenna Using High Gain Fractal Planar Monopole Antenna Array for RF Energy Scavenging.

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Date: July 31, 2020
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Document Type: Article
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This paper introduces a wideband rectenna that can scavenge ambient wireless power to a range of frequency band from 0.91 GHz to 2.55 GHz efficiently. The proposed rectenna is based on a wideband 2 * 2 fractal monopole antenna array with omnidirectional radiation patterns and high gains of 5 to 8.3 dBi at the desired bands. An improved two-branch impedance matching technique is presented which is designed to enhance the rectifier circuit performance with a relatively low input power ranging from -25 dBm to 10 dBm. Also, a full-wave wideband rectifier that can suitably improve the RF-to-DC power conversion efficiency is designed for the rectenna. A peak efficiency of 76%, 71%, 61%, and 62% is obtained at 950, 1850, 2100, and 2450 MHz, respectively. Measurement results show that a conversion efficiency of 68% has been achieved over an optimal 4.7 k[ohm] resistor when the simultaneous four-band input power level is -10 dBm. Moreover, an output DC voltage of around 243 mV with voltage varying within 160-250 mV can be achieved by gathering the low ambient wireless power inside laboratory. This study proves that the proposed rectenna can be applied to a range of many low-power electronic applications.

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