Do Interviews Really Matter in Generating Programs and Applicants' Rank Lists for the Match?

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From: Southern Medical Journal(Vol. 115, Issue 4)
Publisher: Southern Medical Association
Document Type: Brief article
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Byline: Christopher Di Felice, From the Departments of Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine and Internal Medicine, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center/Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio.; Pallavi Sharma; David A. Folt; Rodney J. Folz; Frank Jacono; Shine Raju; Mohammad A. Shatat; Joanne McKell; Anna May; Maroun Matta Abstract OBJECTIVE: A paucity of data exists on the role of the interview day in programs and applicants' final rank list. The objective of our study was to investigate the impact interview day has on our programs and our interviewees' final rank list. METHODS: For the 2020 appointment year, our program used an Electronic Residency Application System Application Scoring Tool and Interview Scoring Tool to generate the preliminary rank list for our pulmonary and critical care fellowship applicants. The final rank list was decided after interviewers' discussion during the program's rank list meeting. We aimed to correlate the preliminary and final lists. We also surveyed applicants on the importance of interview day in generating their rank list. RESULTS: The final and the preliminary rank lists were strongly correlated (rs(47) = 0.87, P CONCLUSIONS: The programs rank list correlated more with the candidates' written application than their interview day performance; however, interview experience greatly influenced the applicants' rank lists. In the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic, in which all interviews are virtual, programs should make diligent efforts to construct virtual interview days, given their importance to applicants in generating their final rank list for the match.

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