Implementation of lean and green supply chain in medium scale automobile industries using AHP, VIKOR and fuzzy VIKOR.

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Date: May 10, 2022
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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For several years the manufacturing industry has been thriving in India and one among this is the automobile industry. Since there is an increasing demand, several industries have adopted various techniques to thrive in this field. This project concentrates on the implementation of the lean and green supply chain in the medium scale automobile industries. The critical factors are found out based on experts' opinion and inferences through questionnaires sent to the industries. The importance and the levels of the factors are taken from interpretive structural modelling. Using these levels, the critical weights of each factor are obtained through analytic hierarchy process (AHP). The critical weights are used in VIKOR and fuzzy VIKOR, to find out the performance of the industries. The questionnaires are used for obtaining the critical factors and for the input in VIKOR and fuzzy VIKOR to rank the industries, and thus further improvements can be made. Byline: P. Parthiban, S.N. Sathiya Narayana, R. Dhanalakshmi

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