Clonally Focused Public and Private T Cells in Resected Brain Tissue From Surgeries to Treat Children With Intractable Seizures.

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Publisher: Frontiers Research Foundation
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Author(s): Julia W. Chang, Samuel D. Reyes, Emmanuelle Faure-Kumar, Sandi K. Lam, Michael W. Lawlor, Richard J. Leventer, Sean M. Lew, Paul J. Lockhart, Kathryn Pope, Howard L. Weiner, Noriko Salamon, Harry V. Vinters, Gary W. Mathern, Aria Fallah, Geoffrey C. Owens

Using a targeted transcriptomics approach, we have analyzed resected brain tissue from a cohort of 53 pediatric epilepsy surgery cases, and have found that there is a spectrum of involvement of both the innate and adaptive immune systems as evidenced by the differential expression of immune-specific genes in the affected brain tissue. The specimens with the highest expression of immune-specific genes were from...

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