Organisational justice and job engagement predicating work performance.

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This paper aims to determine the predicating roles that organisational justice and job engagement in the workplace play in improving work performance. The study utilised a mixed methodology that encompassed factor analysis, and analysis of variance using simple and multiple regressions aiming to test the research hypotheses and to explore the nature of relationship among the research variables. This study's findings reveal that both job engagement and organisational justice have a significant positive effect on work performance. They also show that both organisational justice and job engagement establish employees' work performance and that job engagement significantly mediates the effect of justice on the employee's performance level. The chosen sample of 328 employees was markedly small to be considered an accurate representation of the entire airline industry in Jordan. In addition, because the items in the survey questionnaire were fixed, some important pieces of information might not have been captured for analysis. Byline: Taghrid S. Suifan, Rateb J. Sweis, Niveen M. Alsayyed, Basheer A. Kilani, Majed M. Juaid

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