High involvement HR practices as a precursor to innovation performance: a study of Indian IT firms.

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Author: Noopur
Date: June 11, 2021
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
Document Type: Brief article
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The present paper is an attempt to understand as to how high involvement HR practices help strengthen innovation performance in IT employees. The study has also tried to interrogate work engagement as a connecting medium between the two and the role of resource commitment in influencing the interactions between work engagement and innovation performance. The methodology used for data collection was through survey questionnaires from the superior as well as subordinates of the managerial cadre of the IT firms in the Pune region, India. For a good model fit, confirmatory factor analysis was done on the available dataset eliminating the outliers and SPSS macro, and PROCESS was used for further analysis. Results showed that HIHRP has an influence on innovation performance and work engagement mediates the relationship between HIHRP and innovation performance, additionally resource commitment positively mitigates the interaction between work engagement and innovation performance. The present study is the first of its kind which has empirically examined the mediation/moderation interactions between HIHRP, work engagement, resource commitment and innovation performance. Byline: Noopur

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