The impact of effective organisational communications on financial performance.

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Date: June 17, 2021
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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Since effective communications can create a sense of trust between employees and increase customers' satisfaction, the purpose of this research is to investigate the effects of organisational communications on financial performance. Since this study seeks to determine the type and extent of correlation between variables, the descriptive-correlative method is used in this study. This study is an applied research in terms of its goals and is a cross-sectional research in terms of time. The statistical society of this research includes all employees in the finance department of Jahrom University of Medical Sciences and its colleges, which consists of 51 employees. A total of 45 questionnaires were collected. The questionnaire used in this study was composed of two financial organisational questionnaires (21 items) and Robbins effective organisational communication questionnaire (24 items). Study findings showed that there is a positive relationship between organisational communication and financial performance in this university. Byline: Hamidreza Abootalebi Jahromi, Navid Abootalebi Jahromi

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