Development of bacteriocins from dairy wastes.

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Date: Apr. 4, 2022
Publisher: Inderscience Publishers Ltd.
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Bacteriocins are of great interest due to their wide applicability in various fields including food industries. The present investigation aims on the preliminary evaluation on isolation of fluorescence bearing potent organisms and microbial peptides production having wide applicability. Soil sample collection was done from different areas including automobile workshop, waste water from industry outlets and sludge from dairy industry. Fluorescent pseudomonads were isolated and checked for the efficiency of bacteriocin production. Potential isolates were screened and bacteriocins were isolated. The microbial isolation results showed more potential isolates from the dairy industry waste than other sources. Bacteriocins are produced by non-pathogenic bacteria and are having great attention in the medical field. Also it will normally colonise the human body. The present investigation gives immense guarantee on developing a bacteriocin from the selected potential isolate. Byline: Harikrishnan Hariharan, V.B. Jyothy, Steffy P. Vinson

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