Eribulin in 'field practice': an overview of the Italian experience

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Author: Sandro Barni
Date: Aug. 2015
From: Future Oncology(Vol. 11, Issue 15s)
Publisher: Future Medicine Ltd.
Document Type: Report
Length: 989 words
Lexile Measure: 1760L

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Author(s): Sandro Barni [*] aff1


breast cancer; case study; erbulin mesylate

Breast cancer remains the most common oncological disease in women. Although the diagnostic and therapeutic advantages achieved in recent years have led to a decrease in the incidence of breast cancer-related deaths, metastatic breast cancer is still associated with an overall poor prognosis [ 1,2 ].

The therapy of metastatic breast cancer mainly focuses on control of symptoms and minimization of toxicities, with the aim of extending patients' survival and maintaining quality of life. A number of agents, with different mechanisms of action, are available for the treatment of this complex disease.

In particular, eribulin mesylate is a synthetic analog of halichondrin B, a natural product isolated from a marine sponge. Eribulin induces irreversible mitotic block and apoptosis by inhibiting microtubule polymerization [ 3 ]. The efficacy of this agent has been shown in the Phase III EMBRACE trial, which at present is the only trial in heavily treated breast cancer showing an advantage in overall survival [4 ]. Following the results of this trial, eribulin has been approved for the treatment of patients with metastatic breast cancer after anthracyclines and taxanes treatment.

The reporting of well-conducted field-practice experiences has a mounting importance in the oncology setting [5 ]. Indeed, observational studies and peculiar case reports can complement the results of clinical trials, which are often conducted in selected populations under stringent treatment and follow-up conditions.

The present supplement collects, for the first time to our knowledge,...

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