The Precompression Processing of LMS Algorithm in Noise Elimination.

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Date: July 31, 2020
Publisher: Hindawi Limited
Document Type: Article
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In this study, the authors propose a novel precompression processing (PCP) of the least mean squares (LMS) algorithm based on a regulator factor. The novelty of the PCP algorithm is that the compressed input signals vary from each other on different components at each iteration. The input signal of the improved LMS algorithm is precompressed based on the regulator factor. The precompressed input signal is not only related to the regulator factor a and the current value of the input signal at each iteration but also related to the amplitude of the input signal before this iteration. The improved algorithm can eliminate the influence of input signal mutation on the filter performance. In the numerical simulations, we compare the improved LMS algorithm and NLMS algorithm in the cases of normal input signal and input signal with mutation and the influence of different regulator factors on the noise elimination. Results show that the PCP algorithm has good noise elimination effect when the input signal changes abruptly and the regulator factor [alpha] = 0.01 can meet the requirements.

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