Authentic cloud-biometric signature verification system for healthcare data management.

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Nowadays, cloud computing is the fastest growing technology in the world in various fields such as engineering, games, healthcare and agriculture. Data maintenance is an important aspect in the healthcare management for diagnosing diseases and or further treatments. This study presents authentic cloud-biometric signature verification for healthcare management. Data security is the major issues in healthcare management. It is led to tax, bank, insurance and medical fraudulence. Therefore, the retrieval of medical data onto secured access is essential to improve the protection of healthcare services. Authentic cloud-biometric signature verification system for healthcare data management has been designed using neural network for data protection. The accuracy of data retrieval from cloud healthcare is measured using neural network. The neural network acquires biometric signature through biometric sensor processed with quality checker for effective authentication. This network also supports in terms of statistical learning of the clinical datasets. After various experiments, it is concluded that the proposed method provides faster results with higher sensitivity and specificity rate of 0.98 and 0.95, respectively. In comparison with other state of art methods, it is found that the cloud healthcare data security system attains better performance than the existing systems. Byline: Thangarasu Gunasekar, P.D.D. Dominic, Subramanian Kayalvizhi

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