Postpartum Psychosis. (Letters to the Editor)

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Date: Jan. 2002
Publisher: The Townsend Letter Group
Document Type: Letter to the editor
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Last June 20, 2001, the world was reminded of the term "postpartum psychosis" via five children having been killed by their mother. This took place near Houston, Texas. Immediately the media and talk shows were all over the situation like ants on a large piece of candy.

All manner of "experts" and "wannabe-experts" came forth unabashedly with their pronouncements. Some suggested more counseling or psychotherapy. Others wanted us to know that the mother had five children over a period of seven years, hence there was too much physical and/or emotional stress, Even physicians wanted to share their "all powerful" knowlege by suggesting more, or stronger medications. (To the overwhelming majority of psychiatrists, "a quiet patient is a good patient, therefore make the patient numb.") The mother was said to be taking Haldol and other medications. (1) According to the Physicians Desk Reference, (2) Haldol is used for agitation and depression, but one of its listed side effects is suicide.

Then there were the philosophers, who seemed to be seeking the source of blame. Here, again, is the idea of having too many children too rapidly, Another group suggests that this is the age of baby-boomers. When they meet genuine difficulties the baby-boomers either snap or look for some escape. (Her father passed away three or four months prior.) (3) Still another source of blame is the husband who...

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