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Date: Fall 2004
From: Journal of Cultural Diversity(Vol. 11, Issue 3)
Publisher: Tucker Publications, Inc.
Document Type: Editorial
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The Surgeon General Executive Summary report U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Center for Mental Health Services concludes the "culture counts" in the care of individuals that are experiencing mental health (DHHS, 2003) or any other physiological problems. This report further underlines the need for an appreciation for the intrinsic diversity within each of the recognized racial or ethnic groups and the implications of that diversity. Race and culture have Been identified as barriers to health care. Other barriers include lack of or limited health insurance, lack of financial resources to cover services, lack of a primary health care provider, cultural and spiritual differences, language barriers and issues of discrimination (HP2010). Another barrier is the lack of cultural similar practitioners.

Dr. James Caillier and colleagues investigated the potential of racial discrimination in the delivery of invasive cardiac treatments. Their findings strongly support additional research in the area of medical treatment and minority...

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