The making and unmaking of a white Africanist

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Date: Spring 1994
From: Research in African Literatures(Vol. 25, Issue 1)
Publisher: Indiana University Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 3,538 words

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An unemployed white male academic laments the unwritten code in academia which does not allow a white man to teach Black Studies. The academic, who has done extensive work in African Studies, recounts the beginnings of his interest in African literature, the details of his Masters in francophone literature and his success in learning Swahili during his doctorate. He cherishes the first-hand contact he had with Swahili culture and yet feels disillusioned by not being able to use his experience and knowledge in teaching. The policy of giving jobs in minority studies only to those belonging to the right minority perpetuates the ghettoizing found in society at large.

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