Precise justification is needed

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Date: May 2008
From: Lab Animal(Vol. 37, Issue 5)
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
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Covelli must be commended for his conscientiousness regarding the number of animals necessary in a protocol and for setting up an IACUC subcommittee to review the available literature on animal number justification.

The number of animals that is appropriate for a specific protocol depends on complicated variables, including the type of study proposed. Thus, federal policies and regulations on animal number justification are deliberately ambiguous, to allow enough flexibility to cover various study types and models in animal use protocols. For instance, justification for teaching protocols will differ from that of breeding studies. Likewise, statistical justification is appropriate for certain studies but not others. Typically, pilot studies to formulate hypotheses or comparative studies to determine whether two or more values are equivalent will require statistical animal number justification, whereas teaching or breeding protocols will not, but the number of animals...

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