Removal of Ni.sup.2+ and Cd.sup.2+ by Surface Display of Polyhistidine on Bacillus subtilis Spore Using CotE Anchor Protein

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Byline: Wooil Kim (1), Daeun Kim (1), Sanggeun Back (1,2), Yong-suk Lee (3), Afrouzossadat Hosseini Abari (4), Junehyung Kim (1,2) Keywords: Bacillus subtilis; spore surface display; CotE; metal adsorption Abstract: In this paper, we report removing heavy metal using Bacillus subtilis spore surface display system. We used CotE protein as an anchoring motif because of its high abundance and location in the outer coat layer. And we inserted His.sub.12 (double histidine 6 tag) at the C-terminal end of anchoring motif. The proper expression of CotE-His.sub.12 fusion protein (22.8 kDa) was confirmed by western blot. We confirmed the surface expression of the CotE-His.sub.12 fusion protein using flow cytometry. We tried Ni.sup.2+ and Cd.sup.2+ adsorption with recombinant spore DB104 (pCotE-His.sub.12) and DB104 spore. The amount of adsorbed Ni.sup.2+ was 18.2 nmol/mg for DB104 spore and 82.4 nmol/mg for DB104 (pCotE-His.sub.12) spore. In the case of Cd.sup.2+, the adsorbed amount was 32.6 nmol/mg for DB104 spore and 79.1 nmol/mg for DB104 (pCotE-His.sub.12) spore. This means that our spore displayed His.sub.12 system can be generally applied for the removal of various kind of heavy metals in the field. Author Affiliation: (1) 0000 0001 2218 7142, grid.255166.3, Department of Chemical Engineering, Dong-A University, Busan, 49315, Korea (2) 0000 0001 2218 7142, grid.255166.3, Center for Sliver-Targeted Biomaterials, Brain Busan 21 Plus Program, Graduate School, Dong-A University, Busan, 49315, Korea (3) 0000 0001 2218 7142, grid.255166.3, Department of Biotechnology, Dong-A University, Busan, 49315, Korea (4) 0000 0001 0454 365X, grid.411750.6, Department of Biology, Faculty of Science, University of Isfahan, Isfahan, Iran Article History: Registration Date: 16/05/2018 Received Date: 29/11/2018 Accepted Date: 24/12/2018 Online Date: 18/05/2019 Article note: Publisher's Note Springer Nature remains neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published maps and institutional affiliations.

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