Our Southern Zion: A History of Calvinism in the Southern Carolina Low Country, 1690-1990

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Author: David T. Morgan
Date: Fall 1997
From: The Historian(Vol. 60, Issue 1)
Publisher: Phi Alpha Theta, History Honor Society, Inc.
Document Type: Book review; Brief article
Length: 497 words

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By Erskine Clarke. (Tuscaloosa and London: University of Alabama Press, 1996. Pp. vii, 429. $47.95.)

Oftentimes, the title promises far more than the book actually delivers. Happily, the reverse is true of Our Southern Zion. It is an outstanding book, one that amounts to much more than a history of Calvinism in South Carolina during the years indicated. To a far greater extent than ordinary church or religious histories, this book places the "Reformed tradition" (as the author prefers to call Calvinism) in its economic, political, and social context. Consequently, the reader is presented with a good understanding of the little world that the South Carolina low country once was and is now.

Erskine Clarke tells the story of Presbyterian and Congregational churches, their...

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