SPJ urges New York Stock Exchange to reconsider Al-Jazeera credentials. (Headlines)

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Date: May 2003
From: The Quill(Vol. 91, Issue 4)
Publisher: Society of Professional Journalists
Document Type: Article
Length: 402 words

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March 25, 2003

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. -- SPJ asked the New York Stock Exchange to reconsider its decision to revoke credentials issued by it to reporters working for Al-Jazeera.

The Associated Press reported that the Arab TV network Al-Jazeera said two of its reporters covering the NYSE had their credentials revoked because of the satellite station's coverage of the war in Iraq. Al-Jazeera officials said they have covered the exchange for years and believe theirs is the only channel affected by the new curbs.

Exchange spokesman Ray Pellechia denied the station's war coverage was the cause and told the AP "security...

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