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Byline: Rajesh. Chudasama, Pramod. Verma, Chikitsa. Amin, Bharat. Gohel, Dinkar. Savariya, Rakesh. Ninama


In reference to first study published in Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine mentioned in the letter, we would like to state that the objective of the study were very clear - "Factors associated with severe disease were determined by comparing with nonsevere cases". Considering the objective of the study, we have described the findings as those have severe disease and those who do not having severe disease and we have not made manipulation in the presentation of the data. The whole data were presented for the first wave ( n = 274) with its distribution and description as per the objective.

In reference to the second study published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care mentioned in the letter, we would like to clarify that the title indicated comparison of...

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