High-throughput identification of genotype-specific cancer vulnerabilities in mixtures of barcoded tumor cell lines

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From: Nature Biotechnology(Vol. 34, Issue 4)
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
Document Type: Report
Length: 5,217 words
Lexile Measure: 1490L

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Hundreds of genetically characterized cell lines are available for the discovery of genotype-specific cancer vulnerabilities. However, screening large numbers of compounds against large numbers of cell lines is currently impractical, and such experiments are often difficult to control (1-4). Here we report a method called PRISM that allows pooled screening of mixtures of cancer cell lines by labeling each cell line with 24-nucleotide barcodes. PRISM revealed the expected patterns of cell killing seen in conventional (unpooled) assays. In a screen of 102 cell lines across 8,400 compounds, PRISM led to the identification of BRD-7880 as a potent and highly specific inhibitor of aurora kinases B and C. Cell line pools also efficiently formed tumors as xenografts, and PRISM recapitulated the expected pattern of erlotinib sensitivity in vivo.

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