A Construction of 6-Directions Agility Step Test (6-DAS) in Elite Taekwondo Athletes.

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From: Journal of Exercise Physiology Online(Vol. 25, Issue 4)
Publisher: American Society of Exercise Physiologists
Document Type: Article
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Jumren R, Chinok P, Intacharoen P, Sukdee N. A Construction of 6-Directions Agility Step Test (6-DAS) in Elite Taekwondo Athletes. JEPonline 2022;25(4):64-74. We constructed a 6-Directions Agility Step Test in elite Taekwondo athletes. Using purposive sampling, we selected 150 youths, aged 15 to 18 years, in Bangkok, Thailand. They were divided into 2 Groups of those with and without a black belt. The first group comprised of 120 black belt athletes who were experienced in both national and international competitions. This group included 68 male athletes (average age 16.47 [+ or -] 1.09 years), and 52 female athletes (average age 16.19 [+ or -] 1.15 years). The second group included 30 male athletes with ranks below the black belt (average age of 16.13 [+ or -] 1.25 years). We used a 6-Directions Agility Step Test, examined by an expert to determine the validity of the instrument. Its reliability was determined the construct validity and Criterion-Related Validity between the created test and the Nine-Square Test, Hexagon Agility Test and Taekwondo-Specific Agility Test by calculating the Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient at a statistically significant level of 0.05 .The results showed that the 6 directions Agility Step Test in elite athletes had a validity of 0.92. The reliability was significantly higher. The correlation coefficients of reliability for the Nine Square Test, Hexagon Agility Test, and the Taekwondo-Specific Agility Test were at moderate levels. In conclusion, the 6 directions Agility Step Test can be used to measure and evaluate agility performance for Taekwondo athletes to aid in their subsequent development. Key Words: Agility, Step Test, Taekwondo Athlete, Nine Square Test

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