Occupational asthma: tips on establishing the diagnosis

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Author: Anne E. Dixon
Date: Feb. 2008
From: Journal of Respiratory Diseases(Vol. 29, Issue 2)
Publisher: CMP Medica, LLC
Document Type: Disease/Disorder overview
Length: 490 words
Lexile Measure: 1360L

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When encountering a patient who may have occupational asthma, what is your approach to the initial evaluation? What are the most useful questions to ask?

* Occupational asthma is an important form of adult-onset asthma and may lead to severe, difficult-to-control respiratory disease. The 2 main forms of occupational asthma are reactive airways dysfunction syndrome, which is associated with a high-intensity exposure to a noxious irritant, and occupational asthma with latency, which is associated with sensitization and immune reaction to an agent in the work environment. Determining whether occupational asthma is causing respiratory symptoms requires a high index of suspicion and a detailed occupational history (Table).

The diagnosis of reactive airways dysfunction syndrome can be made by obtaining a history of a sentinel...

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