Serum Short-Chain Fatty Acids and Associations With Inflammation in Newly Diagnosed Patients With Multiple Sclerosis and Healthy Controls.

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Author(s): Anna Olsson, Stefan Gustavsen, Thao Duy Nguyen, Margareta Nyman, Annika R. Langkilde, Tue H. Hansen, Finn Sellebjerg, Annette B. Oturai, Helle Bach Søndergaard

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a chronic immune-mediated disease characterized by demyelination and neuroaxonal damage in the central nervous system. The etiology is complex and is still not fully understood. Accumulating evidence suggests that our gut microbiota and its metabolites influence the MS pathogenesis. Short-chain fatty acids (SCFAs), such as acetate, propionate and butyrate, are metabolites produced by gut microbiota through fermentation of indigestible carbohydrates. SCFAs and kynurenine metabolites have been shown to have important immunomodulatory properties, and...

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