Solidification transformations in liquid phase separated metastable monotectic Cu-50 at. % Co alloy.

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From: Canadian Journal of Chemistry(Vol. 99, Issue 10)
Publisher: NRC Research Press
Document Type: Report
Length: 3,354 words
Lexile Measure: 1570L

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Metastable monotectic Cu-50 at. % Co alloy produced by arc melting has been processed under micro gravity condition using a drop tube and subjected to differential thermal analysis (DTA). Microstructural evidence from the as solidified sample revealed that rapid cooling of the arc melt process was enough to incite liquid phase separation in the alloy. In the drop tube samples, the melting temperature of the [beta]-phase (Cu-rich) was determined to be 1294.8 K, whereas that of the [alpha]-phase (Co-rich) was found to vary with cobalt content. Key words: liquid phase separation, monotectic solidification, differential thermal analysis (DTA), drop tube, metastable alloys. Nous avons traite en conditions de microgravite un alliage metastable monotectique de Cu-50 % at. Co produit par fusion a l'arc au moyen d'un tube a compte-gouttes et nous l'avons soumis a une analyse thermique differentielle (ATD). Des donnees microstructurales issues de l'echantillon solidifie ont revele que le refroidissement rapide associe au processus de fusion a l'arc etait suffisant pour induire la separation de phases liquides dans l'alliage. Dans les echantillons des tubes a compte-gouttes, nous avons determine que la temperature de fusion de la phase [beta] (riche en Cu) etait de 1294,8 K, tandis que celle de la phase [alpha] (riche en Co) variait selon la teneur en cobalt. Mots-cles : separation de phase liquide, solidification monotectique, analyse thermique differentielle (ATD), tube a compte-gouttes, alliages metastables.

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