Risk assessment of freezing injury during overwintering of wheat in the northern boundary of the Winter Wheat Region in China.

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Date: Sept. 9, 2021
From: PeerJ(Vol. 9)
Publisher: PeerJ. Ltd.
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Freezing injury is one of the main restriction factors for winter wheat production, especially in the northern part of the Winter Wheat Region in China. It is very important to assess the risk of winter wheat-freezing injury. However, most of the existing climate models are complex and cannot be widely used. In this study, Zunhua which is located in the northern boundary of Winter Wheat Region in China is selected as research region, based on the winter meteorological data of Zunhua from 1956 to 2016, seven freezing disaster-causing factors related to freezing injury were extracted to formulated the freezing injury index (FII) of wheat. Referring to the historical wheat-freezing injury in Zunhua and combining with the cold resistance identification data of the National Winter Wheat Variety Regional Test (NWWVRT), consistency between the FII and the actual freezing injury situation was tested. Furthermore, the occurrence law of freezing injury in Zunhua during the past 60 years was analyzed by Morlet wavelet analyze, and the risk of freezing injury in the short term was evaluated. Results showed that the FII can reflect the occurrence of winter wheat-freezing injury in Zunhua to a certain extent and had a significant linear correlation with the dead tiller rate of wheat (P = 0.014). The interannual variation of the FII in Zunhua also showed a significant downward trend (R.sup.2 = 0.7412). There are two cycles of freezing injury in 60 years, and it showed that there's still exist a high risk in the short term. This study provides reference information for the rational use of meteorological data for winter wheat-freezing injury risk assessment.

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