Art Song in the United States, 1759- 1999: An Annotated Bibliography

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Date: June 2003
From: Notes(Vol. 59, Issue 4)
Publisher: Music Library Association, Inc.
Document Type: Book review
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Art Song in the United States, 1759- 1999: An Annotated Bibliography. 3d ed. Edited by Judith E. Carman, William K. Gaeddert, Rita M. Resch, and Gordon Myers. Forward by Phyllis Gurtin. Lanham, Md.: Scarecrow Press, 2001. [xxiv, 475 p. ISBN 0-810-84137-1.$65.] Bibliography, indexes.

This bibliography's genesis was a program insert for the National Association of Teachers of Singing (hereafter NATS) Bicentennial Convention in Philadelphia in 1976. Charged with creating a list of a few hundred songs, the editors instead did much more. With about fourteen hundred entries for the first edition (1976), the bibliography grew to nearly two thousand in the second edition (1987), and now to more than twenty-four hundred. This third edition of Art Song in the United States is the first to be widely available, for the first two were published by NATS. New to the third edition is a discography with 338 entries. Art Song in the United Stales is by far the most comprehensive bibliography of American art song compiled to date.

The foursome who compiled the first edition are still those responsible for the present form of the work. All singers and teachers of singing, the editors have devoted a large portion of their careers to the topic and are highly qualified for the task. Judith Carman not only edited this edition but also the first edition and its supplement (1978), and was a contributing editor to the second edition (1987). She is currently the music reviewer for NATS's Journal of Singing. William Gaeddert edited the second edition and contributed to the other...

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