!Adios, America!: The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole

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Date: Winter 2015
Publisher: Council for Social and Economic Studies
Document Type: Book review
Length: 4,678 words
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!Adios, America!

The Left's Plan to Turn Our Country into a Third World Hellhole

Ann Coulter

Regnery Publishing, 2015

Ann Coulter is a master at evoking a sprightly image, such as when she says "the fact that we have to be incessantly told how wonderful diversity is only proves that it's not. It's like listening to a waiter try to palm off the fish 'special' on you before it goes bad." Because she is so outspoken and defies the academic convention of euphemism and circumlocution, it is easy to suppose she's not a serious scholar. Her sprightliness, however, didn't deter Judge Richard Posner from naming her "one of the top 100 Public Intellectuals" in the United States.

When a subject of vital importance is married to serious scholarship, the result is a book worth taking very seriously, indeed. As to the subject here, it addresses the rapidly occurring substitution of Third World peoples in place of the historically European population of the United States. If "demography is destiny," the substitution defines the future of the United States, altering profoundly its culture and essence. As to the scholarship, Coulter's exhaustive care sets a standard for all serious students to emulate. She consults a variety of sources, but it is especially interesting to this reviewer how contemporary she is in her use of the internet goldmine. Several of her endnotes tell of her NEXIS searches, such as when she looks up beheadings in Mexico and the Arizona desert (often minimized or denied), and finds dozens of documents that would otherwise remain disconnected.

Because !Adios, America! covers so much ground, we will compartmentalize the discussion for purposes of this review:

The amount and types of immigration. For several years, it has been commonplace in the American media to speak of "11 million undocumented immigrants." (4) Coulter thinks it strange that the reported total hasn't changed for a decade, despite the continuing flood. She gives her reasons for thinking the real number is 30 million, which seems far more likely. The Pew Research Center, she says, has concluded from census data that the United States has thus far "taken in more than one-quarter of Mexico's entire population."

There is little or no transparency about the immigration. "The government won't tell us" how many Somalian refugees there are, so there is some guesswork in estimating that no less than 100,000 have been settled in Minnesota. It may surprise many people that thousands of the Hmong are coming in as refugees even so long as 40 years after the end of the Vietnam War. The total so far is estimated at 273,000. Citing the Pew Research Center again, Coulter tells of an anticipated American population of 438 million by 2050--"of whom 100 million will be immigrants and their children." (5)

Although the United States does not have what can strictly speaking be called an "open door" policy, Coulter makes it clear that the current system leaks like a sieve. !Adios, America! details the many sources of...

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