Soil organic carbon sequestration potential of Pampean soils: comparing methods and estimation for surface and deep layers.

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Date: May 2021
From: Soil Research(Vol. 59, Issue 4)
Publisher: CSIRO Publishing
Document Type: Report
Length: 10,134 words
Lexile Measure: 1430L

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Estimates of soil carbon sequestration potential can help identify areas where appropriate use and management practices can be applied to convert them into carbon sinks. We estimated the carbon capacity of Pampean soils using previously developed models and compared the results with a local model developed by simultaneous quantile regression. We also modelled the effects of the factors controlling the carbon saturation deficit using artificial neural networks and mapped the topsoil and subsoil saturation deficit of the region. Data from a soil survey, in which 296 sites were sampled to 1 m depth, were used. Paired sites in grassland, cropland and lowland areas were selected. The total organic carbon was measured, and the proportion stabilised in the clay + silt ( Keywords: carbon capacity, carbon retention efficiency, carbon saturation deficit, cropland, grassland, lowland, management practices, Pampas, soil organic carbon.

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