Effects of Vinyasa Yoga on Stress and Health Benefits in Office Workers.

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From: Journal of Exercise Physiology Online(Vol. 25, Issue 4)
Publisher: American Society of Exercise Physiologists
Document Type: Article
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Sinpichetkorn T, Chaunchaiyakul R, Yang AL, Lin YY, Masodsai K. Effects of Vinyasa Yoga on Stress and Health Benefits in Office Workers. JEPonline 2022;25(4):53-63. The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of Vinyasa Yoga on stress and health benefits in office workers. Thirty sedentary subjects with low to moderate stress scores, aged 18 to 35 years, voluntarily participated and were randomly divided into the Control Group (n = 15) and the Vinyasa Yoga Group (n = 15) Groups. The Vinyasa Yoga Group was regularly trained for 1 hr*[d.sup.-1], 3 d*[wk.sup.-1] for 8 weeks. Subjects in both Groups were asked to refrain from any activities and remedial treatments that may affect the stress level during the 8-week period. The stress level and saliva cortisol concentrations, heart rate variability (HRV), and physical fitness were monitored at baseline (initial, wk0) and after 8 weeks (wk8). The findings indicate that the Vinyasa Yoga Group showed higher handgrip and back strength, push-up, wall sit, sit and reach, and back scratch levels (P Key Words: Office Workers, Physical Fitness, Stress, Vinyasa Yoga

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