Cell signalling (communication arising): Cell survival and a Gadd45-factor deficiency

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From: Nature(Vol. 424, Issue 6950)
Publisher: Nature Publishing Group
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Author(s): Francesca Zazzeroni [1]; Salvatore Papa [1]; Enrico De Smaele [1, 2]; Guido Franzoso (corresponding author) [1]

De Smaele et al . reply

We and others have shown that the control of TNF-[alpha]-induced apoptosis by NF-[kappa]B/Rel transcription factors involves suppression of the JNK enzyme cascade [1, 2, 3], and we have proposed that this suppression is mediated in part by Gadd45[beta]/Myd118 (refs 1,4). Amanullah et al. suggest that the ablation of gadd45 [beta] has no effect on JNK activation and apoptosis by TNF-[alpha] and argue that the protective effects of NF-[kappa]B are mediated by factors other than Gadd45[beta].

However, caution is needed in drawing inferences from these provocative findings about the role of Gadd45[beta] in the cell. Under the conditions used...

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