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Date: Mar. 2012
From: Marine Resource Economics(Vol. 27, Issue 1)
Publisher: The MRE Foundation, Inc.
Document Type: Editorial
Length: 668 words
Lexile Measure: 1280L

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Thirteen volumes, 52 issues, and over 300 articles; it is surprising how quickly time passes. In 2010, I accepted a position as leader of the Global Program for Fisheries at the World Bank, and it is now time to pass the editorship of Marine Resource Economics to new hands. I am therefore pleased to welcome Martin (Marty) Smith, associate professor of Environmental Economics at Duke University, as the new managing editor of MRE. Marty is a first-rate resource economist with the theoretical and empirical expertise necessary to deal with the challenges MRE will bring. He is an award-winning researcher and intellectual, with a broad appreciation for topics addressed by MRE, ranging from fisheries management to coastal zone use and from international trade to aquaculture.

It has been a fulfilling experience working with the associate editors, reviewers, and authors from around the world. I sincerely thank all the many volunteer associate editors and reviewers who keep the standards very high and are essential for the journal's quality. However,...

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