Sue Mepham.

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Author: Emily Holbrook
Date: Apr. 2021
From: Risk Management(Vol. 68, Issue 3)
Publisher: Sabinet Online
Document Type: Article
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The Ron Judd Heart of RIMS Award recognizes the volunteer contributions of a RIMS member who serves as a role model while keeping the chapter, and hence the Society, vibrant and resilient, thereby truly exemplifying the "Heart of RIMS."

Within weeks of Sue Mepham beginning her career in risk management, someone from the RIMS Saskatchewan chapter--fondly known as SKRIMS--tracked her down, introducing themselves and the organization and inviting her to a chapter meeting.

"I went to my first meeting in 1996 and there was only one other woman in the room and 20 men and I was more than a bit overwhelmed," Mepham recalled. "And when they started talking about insurance and risk, I wondered what I had gotten myself into."

But it did not take long for Mepham to realize that if she was going to succeed in her new position, she was going to have to rely on others in the industry, notably, those at the SKRIMS meetings. There was no internet or Google searches or online networking to fall back on. In the mid-90s, people were the only resource. With drive and ambition, Mepham used that initial meeting as a starting point for a storied and celebrated career in risk management and insurance.


Just four months into her risk management and insurance career with the Province of Saskatchewan, Mepham worked on her first insurance claim at a post-secondary technical college with more than 7,000 students--the largest fire loss her organization had ever experienced.

"Again, the SKRIMS members came to my rescue," she said. "Nowell Seaman--then risk manager with the University of Saskatchewan--called me the day after the loss, offering advice on adjusters and the availability of classroom space if needed."

Within one year of being a member of SKRIMS, Mepham was asked to join the board and, as she said, "the rest is history."

For 25...

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