From single gene analysis to single cell profiling: a new era for precision medicine

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Molecular profiling of DNA and RNA has provided valuable new insights into the genetic basis of non-malignant and malignant disorders, as well as an increased understanding of basic mechanisms that regulate human disease. Recent technological advances have enabled the analyses of alterations in gene-based structure or function in a comprehensive, high-throughput fashion showing that each tumor type typically exhibits distinct constellations of genetic alterations targeting one or more key cellular pathways that regulate cell growth and proliferation, evasion of the immune system, and other aspects of cancer behavior. These advances have important implications for future research and clinical practice in areas as molecular diagnostics, the implementation of gene or pathway-directed targeted therapy, and the use of such information to drive drug discovery. The 1st international and 32nd Annual Conference of Italian Association of Cell Cultures (AICC) conference wanted to offer the opportunity to match technological solutions and clinical needs in the era of precision medicine. Keywords: Biomarkers, Single-cell, Functional omics, Tumor profiling, Personalized therapy

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